Dinosaur Comics

Canada is a country that doesn’t quite occupy our collective psyche here in India, at least not as much as USA or China or UK. Yet, it is a country of many awesome things, one of them being Dinosaur Comics. Komikaze #10 (wow, two digit post number, finally.) is all about Dinosaur Comics, created by Ryan North. In a sense, this is the first post where we’d gingerly like to push the envelope a bit in terms of what we feature here. The comics we’ve featured so far have all been great in their own right, and I’m especially in awe of some of their creators who churn out a comic every single day without compromising on quality. This comic is different, in that it is unconventional and pushes the boundaries for a web comic.

The visuals are the same every single day, the content that varies is the dialogue between the characters. There are three characters : T-rex, Dromiceiomimus and Utahraptor. God, the devil and other assorted characters make occasional appearances, if you can call them that, from beyond the frame. So, you might ask, what makes this a great comic? One word : writing. I imagine its quite a challenge to make the script for each day fit into those unchanging visuals, and sometimes it shows. It takes a bit of time for a new reader to get well and truly hooked, speaking from my own experience. I might even say the visuals were intially an impediment. But boy, oh boy, the writing.

The comic is very intelligent, and that probably says a lot about its creator. My guess is that the comic serves as a vehicle to bring us the rambling thoughts of an intelligent and interesting mind, and that T-Rex is probably quite like Ryan, if not the same. Like I mentioned earlier, it might take a while for you to get hooked, but this is certainly a comic well worth persevering with. After all, it is often compared to David Lynch’s The Angriest Dog in the World comic, and was picked by Cracked.com as one of the 8 funniest comics on the webz.

PS – Look for easter eggs all over the place.